Henry making a cocktail

Events at Merchant + Trade

As Uptown Charlotte’s social hub, we’re not only filling our calendar with epicurean events to showcase the food and beverage talent right here in Charlotte, but also lectures, films and gatherings that drive the culture forward. Check back to this page for the latest events at Merchant + Trade.


Oct 1st - DJ Trife
Oct 2nd - Rowshay
Oct 3rd - DJ Red
Oct 4th - Edward Shouse

Oct 9th - DJ Trife
Oct 10th - Wiggz
Oct 11th - RWonz
Oct 12th - DJ Yona

Oct 16th - DJ Trife
Oct 17th - That Guy Smitty
Oct 18th - AHuf
Oct 19th - Edward Shouse

Oct 23rd - DJ Trife
Oct 24th - DJ Red
Oct 25th - DJ Roam
Oct 26th - Neil Jackson

Oct 30th - DJ Trife
Oct 31st - Danny B